100cameras – Giving Back With Photography

At 1MP we love the notion of using photography to give back and we’re proud to support projects that do just that. That’s why $1 from every entry goes directly to giving back through photography. This year we’re thrilled and honoured to announce that we’ll be supporting 100cameras.


100cameras puts photography to use in a unique, fascinating and life-changing way.  By teaching kids to share their perspectives through photography and then turning their photo stories into saleable products that directly fund medical, educational, and lifeline supplies for their communities, 100cameras provides young children with the tools they need to make a tangible impact right where it matters. The bespoke 100cameras photojournalism curriculum teaches personal development along with basic photojournalism skills, empowering kids to express themselves artistically, interact with their environment and themselves become agents of change.


Project: Cuba  |  image by José, age 13 

What are our photographs if not individual storytelling pieces? Regardless of genre, each photograph in the 1MP Gallery has it’s own narrative, whether something simple about the author, about a place or about an underlying and deeper set of circumstances or story. 100cameras is built on the simple notion of teaching kids in underprivileged communities that their perspectives – their stories – are important; and that they can be change-makers in their own lives and their communities.


Project: South Sudan  |  image by Kiden, age 16

The 100cameras 15-class photojournalism course is custom-written and meets educational standards. Co-founder Angela Francine Popplewell explains how the classes seek to “teach the basics of photography and how to tell a story through images, while coinciding with a storytelling component that consists of interactive exercises and writing assignments to explore their past, present and most importantly, their future”. It’s a truly fascinating use of photography, as young kids not only learn how to see their community through the lens but also how they can provide important medical, educational and lifeline supplies by sharing their stories through photography.

1MP is extremely proud to support 100cameras and everything they are doing to give back using photography. Head over to 100cameras.org where you can find out more about each of the projects, meet the students, view their exceptional portfolios and purchase prints that support the cause.

Meanwhile, remember that every image you upload to the 1MP Gallery is more than just a contest entry that’s always on display. It makes a meaningful, lasting and direct contribution to 100cameras – using photography to empower kids to learn how to tell their stories and to see their own work help provide essential supplies for their own communities.



Posted 26 January 2016 in Updates