Giving Photography

1MP is proud to support projects that use the one thing we love the most – photography – to help give back. That’s why $1 from every entry goes directly to giving back through photography. This year, we are extremely proud to be supporting 100cameras.

Established in 2009, 100cameras teaches kids to share their perspectives through photography and then turns their stories into saleable products that directly fund medical, educational, and lifeline supplies for their communities. By providing young children with the tools they need to make an impact, 100cameras empowers kids to express themselves artistically, interact with their environment and themselves become agents of change. 100cameras’ custom photojournalism curriculum teaches personal development along with basic photojournalism skills, with sales of the resulting images being use to directly fund local needs.

The results so far are stunning – the students are proud to directly serve their communities by sharing their perspectives through photography and by sharing their photography with the world; and 1MP is proud to support 100cameras with a donation from each and every submission made to the 1MP Gallery.

Project: South Sudan | image by Kiden, age 16, St.Bartholomew’s Orphanage – view more student portfolio images here

So when you upload an image of yours to the 1MP Gallery, you are doing more than entering a contest. You’re doing more than displaying your work on the Gallery walls.  Your upload makes a direct and meaningful contribution to 100cameras – using photography to give youngsters the opportunity to share their perspectives and the platform to sell their images, empowering the kids themselves to see their own work provide lifeline, educational or healthcare supplies for their own communities.